The Northway Winter Classic ❄️

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Professional Basketball

December 30th, 2022

The Northway winter classic is an event organized to showcase some of the best Canadian prospects in the greater Toronto area. The first annual event was a success and helped a few prospects gain exposure who are currently flying under the radar. 

Game Review

MVP: Sean Blake

6’3 class of 2024 combo guard Sean Blake of Victory Academy Brampton has been on a tear all year and continued to show why he is one of the best prospects in Canada regardless of class. After rolling his ankle in the first quarter, he dominated the game scoring the ball at will, finding his team-mates and leading the charge on the defensive end by generating a lot of turnovers, blocking shots and rebounding the ball.

Sean recently committed to play for Canadian AAU powerhouse U Play Canada, a program historically known for developing Canadian NBA prospects. I would advise programs to get in early on Sean Blake, as long as he continues to develop and perform, he has a chance to be special.

Breakout Performer: Chidube Ekwommadu

6’6 class of 2024 guard Chidube Ekwommadu of Lincoln Prep is a great story, we saw him play earlier this year and in a 3 months he’s grown in leaps and bounds. Chiube showcased his jump shot in the mid range, out of the mid post and he can shoot it from distance. The 6’6 long, athletic guard has great footwork, finish around the rim. He is also a good defender who uses his length to keep guys in front of him. 

Chidube is a great prospect and definitely a prospect schools should keep on their radar and monitor his growth. 

All stars 

1. Sean Blake (MVP)

 2. Chidube Ekwommadu

3. TJ Richards

6’5 class of 2025 point guard TJ Richards is a special talent, full of a lot of potential and we are extremely high on him. Tj was one of the younger players at the event but is mature beyond his years, playing the game at his own pace and not letting defenders speed him up. Tj ran his team extremely well, got them in and out of sets, he showcased his ability to score the ball off the catch, off the bounce and get his teammates involved. We believe that TJ has the potential to be one of the special guards that come out of Canada given he continues to develop, get in early and keep him on your radar.

Johnathon Goode

6’1 Class of 2023 Bill Crothers point guard Johnathon Goode is a senior who is ready to contribute to winning right away. Goode is a great combination of skill and athleticism, Goode plays with great pace, he uses his pace, handle and athleticism to get down hill and make plays for himself and others. He is great in the mid range, fishes well around the rim, shoots it well and he is a great defender. 

Goode is ready to contribute to winning right away and will be a great addition to any team looking to win and develop. Goode is currently being recruited by a couple D2 programs and is currently flying under the radar, take a look at him, he will be a great addition to your program.

Rod Massamba 

6’8 Class of 2023 point forward Juco prospect Rod Massamba is a big with a lot of potential. Rod showcased his ability to push the ball in transition, he has great hands, quick feet, a good feel for the game, and is capable of playing out of the post. Programs looking for a big they can develop into a potential star at the next level should look into recruiting Rod. He is raw but has a great feel for the game, Jucos should take a look at 6’8 big Rod Massamba.

Honourable Mention: Judain Holness & Diego Vitta

Judain Holness

Class of 2024 point forward Judain Holness of Hoops Canada is a 6’5 point forward with a great feel for the game. Son of a college coach, Judain has good IQ, he can get your team into offence, he is a big time downhill and transition threat with a unique combination of size, athleticism and skill. He also does a great job finding his teammates, he constantly gets to the line and does a great job of using his size to rebound the ball and push the ball in transition. 

Judain is flying way under the radar and is definitely a division one prospect, put him on your radar.

Diego Vitta

6’1 Class of 2027 point guard Diego Vitta of Canada Top flight Academy was one of the youngest prospects at the event but definitely showed why he is one of the top players in his class. Diego plays at a pace beyond his years, he led a team of older prospects, got them in and out of offence and showcased his ability to score the ball, from deep off of the dribble and off of the catch. He also used his ability to change speeds really well and attack angles to get down hill to create opportunities for himself and others.

We are extremely high on Diego and believe he has the ability and potential to be one of Canada’s best prospects. He has a great feel for the game, a great skill set and a high  IQ to go along with it. As he continues to develop, be sure to keep him on your radar.