The Northway Pro Am High School Showcase

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Saturday June 3rd was the 4th annual “Northway Pro Am”, this game was designed to showcase elite Canadian collegiate and pro talent, however this year we launched our first ever Northway Pro am high school showcases well.


 This game featured 22 of some of the best prospects around the country and the game was nothing short of spectacular, finishing in a 124-118 overtime thriller. 


These were the top prospects from June 3rds high school showcase.


#7 D’Shay Wright 6’7 shooting guard Class of 2024

D’shay Wright is a 6’7 shooting guard who displayed his versatility and raised his stock this weekends showcase receiving MVP honours. The 6’7 2 guard displayed his ability to guard multiple positions, shoot the deep ball off the catch or off of the dribble with consistency. He also showcased his athleticism, getting out in transition, attacking close outs and Finishing around the rim. D’shay Wright is full of potential and has a chance to be one of the premier guards in Canada, be sure to keep him on your radar, he will instantly impact winning at the next level.



Sean Blake 6’3 PG Class of 2024


Sean Blake is a 6’3 point guard who attends Royal Crown and currently plays for Canadian AAU powerhouse, UPLAY Canada. Blake was by far the best prospect In the gym, dominating on both ends of the floor. We have been watching Sean for the past year and his game has grown In leaps and bounds every time we’ve seen him play. He understands how to pick his spots, use his teammates to keep the defence honest and make it easier for him to score. He is extremely skilled, he can play in gaps, playthrough contact and making some great reads out of the pick and roll. Blake currently holds offers from Chatonooga, and has interest from UNLV & Cal state Berkly.


Be on the look out for him as he and his teammates look to take on Peach jam. Get in early, Blake is a major talent with a great wok ethic, he will be a force at the next level given the right opportunity.


Anderson Cummins 6’1 PG Class of 2024

Canada Elite point guard Anderson Cummins has really improved his game over the past year. Cummins has developed a great change of pace, he has learned to make reads, he consistently gets paint touches, finishes around the rim and he can consistently knock down shots off of the catch and off the dribble. Cummins is also a dog on defence. Cummins is a great floor general who is great at picking his spots and getting his teammates involved. Keep an eye on him as he continues to develop his game.



Stefan Jimenez Vojnic 6’11 PF/C Class of 2024

Stefan, fresh off of a state championship at Central Pointe Academy in Florida, the 6’11 big was by far the most athletic, versatile and poised big at the showcase. Stefan has a great touch around the rim and can shoot the long ball with ease. 


He can also rebound and finish in traffic, block and change shots and he is a dynamic roller with the ability to finish above the rim. Stefan is a great prospect and someone Division 1 schools should familiarize themsevels with. Since moving to Floriada, hes grown in leaps and bounds duet to his work ethic and continues to add to his game.


Keep Jimenez Vojnic on your radar, he should be getting some offers by the end of the summer.


David Poppa 6’3 Point guard Class of 2024


David Poppa is a 6’2 point guard who attends Hodan prep & plays AAU ball with the collective elite. Poppa is great off the dribble, getting to his spots and getting his shot off against bigger or smaller defenders. 


David can also shoot the long ball consistently, he led OSBA in scoring and currently holds offers from every Canadian university. His biggest asset is his confidence, with the right program, Poppa will be a force at the next level.


Poppa is definitely an NCAA talent given his skill set but is currently flying under the radar. Be sure to stay up to date with him and follow him on the AAU circuit. 


Cameron Brennon 7’0 class of 2024 New Horizon Academy

Cameron Brenon is a 7 foot big from New Horizon Academy. Cameran is only scratching the surface of his potential and was able to finish todays game with a double double. Cameron is extremely mobile, runs the floor really well, blocks shots. He has great touch around the rim tied with an ability to stretch the floor with his great shooting mechanics. Brenann currretl holds offers from …………. While playing for Canadian powerhouse Canada elite. Put Brennann on your radar, he has the chance to be a really good big at the next level.


Brennan currently holds offers from 8 division one programs, get in early.


Jr standouts 


jahnoy Walkes 6’0 PG class of 2026


Janoy Walkes is a 6’0 point guard who participated in the Northway All-Canadian showcase and did more than hold his own. 


The Brampton city prep point guard and biosteel all-star was in the running for Northway All-Canadian showcase MVP as a sophomore amongst Jrs and seniors. Walkes is ahead of his age group in his development, and has a bright future ahead.


Janoy is a strong, steady point guard who is comfortable playing with and through contact. Janoy plays at his own pace and doesn’t let the defence speed him up, he can defend the ball. His jump shot is still developing but he can shoot it well enough off of the catch and off of the dribble to keep the defence honest. Janoys game is mature, he wasn’t rattled by older competition, he poses a poise and confidence that is displayed in his play and his demeanour.  


Janoy is a major talent, Coaches should definitely keep him on your radar and get in early as he continues to develop. 






Honourable Mention 

Chidbue Ekwommadu 6’5 SG class of 2024

Chiube is a 6’5 guard who has grown significantly In the past 6 months. He became a way better ball handler, athlete and shooter. He was on nobodies radar to start the prep season and since then, due to his work ethic and commitment to be great he has made a name for himself. 


Chidbue played well at this showcase, Since we last saw him in December, he has significantly improved is ball handling, he plays at his own pace, he is beginning to get comfortable playing In gaps and operating in the pick and roll and he is great at getting to his spots in the mid range and getting his shot off. 


Expect him to keep making major jumps in his game and be on the look out for him as he and his UPLAY teammates take on Peach Jam.

David Bottomley 5’10 PG class of 2026



David Bottomley is a sophomore guard who plays with great pace and held his own against older competition. Bottomley, is a great playmaker, he can stretch the floor and constantly get paint touches to create for himself and others. The team Canada guard is full of potential, don’t be surprised if you hear his name as he continues to develop.