Scarborough Native Jaiden Cole of Towson University is a gem

by | Aug 16, 2023 | Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Uncategorized

Written By Kayon Mayers

We caught up with Jaiden Cole & Towson Men’s basketball to catch his home debut against Toronto Metropolitan University last weekend. We have been watching Jaiden for years now and we believe he has a lot of upside, its the players that make dramatic improvements year over year who have the most potential, and he is one of them.

We’ve been watching Jaiden for a while now and we believe he is a special talent. We believe the former NBA Academy graduate  has the potential to make it to the NBA in 1-2 years if he does what he’s supposed to do. 

He is a 6’4 combo guard who is long, athletic and can shoot the ball at a high clip. At the NBA academy he developed a lot playing the point, especially playing within the pick and roll.

Jaiden is definitely a prospect NBA teams should keep their eyes on. 

Here is a full video of his workout