Jaion Pitt


forward – 6’7 | 210 lbs

CLASS OF 2025 @ Cayon International Academy, Arizona

Not Committed

As of 01/24

 Prospect Projection

Jaion has a lot of potential and has the potential to be a good NBA player. He is todays prototypical forward and more importantly is a high character student-athlete. Bringing Jaion into any program will positiively effect a winning program.

Jaion Pitt is one of the best prospects in the class of 2025, he combines elite athleticism & mobility with a great skill set. It’s no surprise why he was a participant the NBA without borders camp & currently ranked 87th for ESPN. Pitts biggest asset is his motor, mobility ,size & athleticism. Jaion is a workhorse and a joy for his teammates to play with, his coaches describe him as extremely talented and selfless to a fault. Whoever is able to unlock his full potential will have an NBA player on their hands.


5 Star




Versatility|Athleticism|Skill Set

Jaion Pitt is the perfect forward for today’s game. Pitt is extremely versatile offensively and defensively, offensively, he can play on the perimeter but also play out of the P & R as a screener as a roller. He has a great feel for the game that allows him to take advantage of smaller or bigger forwards with his elite athleticism and his footwork. Defensively, he can guard the 1-4 and finish defensive possessions with big rebounds. Jaion can also make plays for himself and others, he has a elite footwork and patience out of the post that allows him to finish under the rim or over defenders. 



Jaion has good shooting mechanics but sometimes drives closeouts he should shoot because he is not as confident shooting the ball. Jaion’s biggest flaw is that he is too selfless, he has all the ability and character needed to be the best player in the country and one of the top prospects in America, but he is low maintenance and he does not care about scoring the most points.  




  • Shooting 77% 77%
  • Ball handling 80% 80%
  • Rebounding 84% 84%
  • Motor 85% 85%
  • Basketball IQ 80% 80%
  • Finishing 86% 86%
  • Athleticism 84% 84%
  • Mobility 82% 82%
  • Defence 85% 85%
  • Intangibles 85% 85%
  • Potential 85% 85%











Other Info

Phone: BJ Letcher: AZ Unity Director: 480-495-2169