by | Dec 21, 2023 | High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

PEDSDMD ELITE BASKETBALL HAS A FEW PROSPECTS ON THE RISE: Alessandro Acosta-Reyes, Rico Reat & Lorenzo Aguiling have been putting schools on notice.

PEDSDMD Elite Basketball Coaching staff has had a history of nurturing top-tier talent like OSBA MVP Spencer Ahrens. Last year, 5-star power forward Spencer Ahrens had a big year playing in the OSBA league with PEDS, and that got him a scholarship to Sunrise Christian Academy in Kansas.

This year, they are on pace to develop a few more stars. It is imperative that college coaches get familiar with these 4 prospects: Sophomore, Zohar Dhaliwal, Junior, Lorenzo Aguiling, Junior, Rico Reat, and Sophomore, Alessandro Acosta-Reyes.

Alessandro Acosta-Reyes 6’6 G

Alessandro Acosta-Reyes is a 6’6 Sophomore from Etobicoke, Ontario, who currently leads the senior and Junior teams in scoring at 21 PPG at the Senior level and about 28 PPG as a junior. He is also a great Student with an 87% GPA and is currently garnering interest from low and Mid-major Schools and Ivy League schools. Acosta-Reyes has a chance to be special; a few years back, we had the opportunity to see him work with NBA guard Caleb Houston before he was drafted by the Orlando Magic. Alessandro was a 6’0 grade 8, and he was keeping up with Houstan throughout the workout.

Alessandro has a great feel for the game; he can shoot it off the catch, off the dribble and has great shooting mechanics with a high release. At his size, he can also play the point and get your team into offence if need be. Acosta-Reyes is trending in the right direction, and we are high on him. Historically, prospects who play up and dominate their competition do really well at the next level and have a lot of pro potential. Do not be surprised when the offers start to roll in; buy stock now.

Rico Reat 6’7 G/F

Mississauga native Rico Reat is a 6’7 left-handed Shooting Guard who is currently averaging about 18 PPG against grade 12’s and 5th-year players. He has a great feel for the game and plays at his own pace. The 6’7 Junior has come a long way since we saw him play last year; last year, he was a sophomore and extremely raw with a high motor, and he loved to compete. In his freshman season, Reat made the provincial team and is currently garnering interest from the U17 Canadian National team. A player like him with a unique combination of size, athleticism, and skill set will be a force at the next level. Rico is really good in the pick and roll; he has a good feel for the game and he has really improved his jump shot this year; hitting around 3 threes per game.

Reat has been gaining a lot of traction with low and mid-major schools; do not be surprised when offers start coming in. Reat is a high-character and skilled kid with a lot to prove.

Lorenzo Aguiling 5’11 PG

Lorenzo Aguiling is a 5’11 Point Guard with a 95% GPA who is currently garnering interest from Ivy League Schools. Aguiling is not just a great student; he can also play the game at a high level. He can shoot the deep ball with the best, averaging about three three-pointers per game. Lorenzo can also get downhill or use his athleticism to get to his spots and create space for a mid-range jumper. Aguiling is a great leader, high-character kid who will have a positive impact on any program.

Zohar Dhaliwal 6’6 F

Zohar Dhaliwal is a 6’6 Sophomore who can stretch the floor, drive close outs and handle the ball. The 6’6 Small Forward has an 85% GPA and is currently averaging about 17 points per game at the Junior level.

In short, if you want high-character student-athletes who can contribute to winning, who understand the grind in the classroom and what it takes to be good on the court and win, recruit these 4 prospects.