MT Forde: Northway NextGen Rising Stars

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

How did you got started with basketball ?

I got started with basketball from my dad and watching him hoop as a young kid and seeing him doing it and having a chance to make it but staying home and being there when I was born that just put something in my heart to love basketball

Who has had the biggest influence on your journey up until this point ?

The biggest influence has to be my family for pushing me everyday and helping me everyday

How important has your dad been to your journey as a hooper thus far, what important lessons has he taught you?

The most important lesson my dad has taught me this far is to not be Afraid to fail in trust the work I put in

You have a great feel for the gam and understand how to score and get your teammates involved, where did that come from?

If I’m being honest my feel for the game came from just watching my older cousin. And uncles and dad play ball and it just came naturally

If you could tell college coaches 3 things about yourself,What would you want coaches to know about you?

If I could tell college coaches 3 things about me it would be that I love working hard and I am determined to listen and win at any cost no matter if it’s taking a charge getting a steal making and shot anything in ready

What do you think you need to improve this off season to take your game to the next level ?

One thing that I think I need to work on this offseason so take my game to the next level is getting more rebounds some more steals and just the little things just really pushing and being able to go hard the whole game

What school will you be attending next year?

I can’t confirm what school I will be attending just yet but I will tell you tonight

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

To be honest I’m the next five years I see my self playing college basketball for a d1 school but my dad always tells me to just trust god and accept what plane he has for me.