More Than An Athlete: Grandavian

by | Feb 14, 2021 | U-Sports Basketball

As time goes on, we begin to see a lot more athletes expand their interests beyond their sport, defying the stigmas put in place by society. Guys like Lebron James, CJ McCollum, Dwayne Wade, Spencer Didwide & Damian Lilard have trail blazed a path for the next generation of hoopers. Basketball comes first, but you must be pro active in preparing for life after basketball. 

Grant Audu is a senior guard at University of British Columbia, the dynamic guard finished his 2019-2020 season averaging 12 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.4 assists. Audu is definitely capable of playing pro at the next level, he has size, he’s confident, he gets down hill extremely well and can defend multiple positions. 

Aside from basketball, Audu also known as Grandavian has carved out a unique space for himself in the culture. The senior guard started his journey as an artist in high school and recently dropped a tape called “No Doubt”. His unique sound, distinct flow and his style help him stand out not only among hoopers but amongst artists. 

Audu is the total package and has the potential to be a star, his charisma and artistry remind you of ASAP Rocky & Joey Badass. Be on the look out for his success on and off of the court and check out his latest singles “scoring” and “mighty man”.

Grant Audu aka Grandavian, talented artist, extraordinary hooper, never let them put you in a box.