by | Jan 12, 2024 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

Miles Sadler is arguably the best point guard in the class of 2026. Despite flying under the radar nationally, Sadler possesses a mature skill set, playing with poise and a style reminiscent of Chris Paul.

**Biggest strengths:**

1. IQ

2. Pick & roll ball handler

3. Mature skill set

What stands out about him is his blend of IQ & skill & he is really good in the pick and roll. 


We saw miles  play during the summer & early on in the school year where he dominated the games despite playing 2 and 3 years up. Miles dominates games, making the right reads and taking risks as a passer. He also has the ability to see the game multiple plays ahead sets him apart.

**P & R:**

In the pick and roll, Miles excels by making the right read in almost any coverage. He’s a scoring and passing threat at all times, it doesn’t matter if you ice, blitz, hard hedge or guard him in drop, he is going to figure it out. 

**Mature Skill Set:**

Miles has a great handle and is not rattled by pressure, he also is a physician ball handling who knows how to use his body and his hands to get down hill. Miles is also a good catch and shoot shooter who can shoot it from deep off of the dribble. Despite his size, he is also a great finisher around the rim who has a variety of finishes that help him finish in the paint. 


Miles led the EYBL U15 AAU circuit in scoring, a significant achievement. Currently ranked 46th on Rivals, he’s averaging 12 points and 4 assists for Canyon International, excelling despite being one of the younger players on his team.

Miles led the EYBL U15 AAU circuit in scoring which is a very big accomplishment, he is currently ranked 46th on rivals and he is currently averaging 12 points, 4 assists for Canyon international despite being one of the younger players on his team and he is tied for first in steals. 

Miles has the potential to be one of the special guards to come out of Canada, if you believe in his skill set, get in now, get in early, he is big on those who believed in him early.