Jérémie Mugerwa of Gatineau Quebec is a problem!

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

Jérémie Mugerwa is a 5’10 Class of 2025 Point guard out of Gatineau, Quebec.

Mugerwa is definitely a division one talent. He is strong, athletic, he can handle the ball and he can hold his own against bigger guards on both ends.

Some of his greatest strengths are his athleticism, his handle and his IQ. Jérémie is extremely strong and shifty, he kept defenders on their heels all game in transition and in the half court.

Jérémie can finish at the rim, shoot the ball and he is a good playmaker. If you’re looking for a guard who can contribute to winning, recruit Jérémie Mugerwa.