Javion Tyndale: The best point guard in the class of 2027  

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

Javion Tyndale is the best point guard in the class of 2027. Knowing his family and his upbringing, we aren’t surprised by the jumps hes taken this year in his development, the sophomore point guard is currently playing three years up and dominating the competition.

Despite his age and stature, Tyndale is on the right path and has a lot of upside. NBA stars often played up two or three years and were main contributors to their team’s success. For instance, Canadian legend Cory Joseph played two and three years up, Nik Stauskas played a year up, and so did Jamal Murray, just to name a few.

Why is this a big deal? Playing up against older competition allows you to develop your game faster because you’re playing against older, stronger, and smarter players. This means you have to learn to make reads faster because you cannot rely on your athleticism, and it forces you to sharpen your skills. Javion is playing up; he is a main contributor and the best point guard on his team. He understands how to read and manipulate help, he can really stretch the floor, he can play well in the pick and roll, and he is always a threat for paint touches.

Coupled with his talent is a great work ethic and the right team around. Javion comes from a basketball family that features an NBA skills trainer and former high school and college basketball standout in his uncle, David Tyndale. His father was a basketball star in high school who was invited to prestigious camps like the ABCD camp.

You can catch Javion Tyndale putting in work before or after a game; he is a workhorse, and he also puts the work in the classroom.

In conclusion, Javion is a major talent schools should keep on their radar and look to have a breakout AAU season.