Standout Performances in OSBA Finals: Players Who Impressed and Deserve Your Attention

by | Mar 4, 2024 | High School Basketball, Uncategorized

Game MVP Declan Cutler 

The OSBA Finals showcased exceptional talent, with standout performances that left spectators in awe. Among the notable players, Royal Crown’s Declan Cutler emerged as the Finals MVP, proving to be a force to be reckoned with. In this SEO-friendly article, we’ll delve into the standout performances of Declan Cutler and other notable players who displayed their skills on the court.

1. Declan Cutler: Royal Crown’s Monster in the Paint

In this year’s OSBA Finals, Declan Cutler’s growth as a player was evident as he became a pivotal figure for Royal Crown. Known for his excellent finishing around the rim, high motor, size, and basketball IQ, Cutler showcased his defensive prowess in the game against Fort Erie. He successfully shut down his opponent, by forcing him into Akuentok to play off of his right shoulder. D1 programs should take note of Declan Cutler’s potential as a quality, high-character big with a promising future.

2. Justus Hasely: The Transition Monster

Justus Hasely’s dynamic playstyle made a significant impact on the game, consistently putting pressure on Fort Erie downhill. His ability to get down hill with ease, coupled with his pull-up, makes Hasely as a D1-caliber point guard. Teams scouting for a versatile guard with transition dominance should keep an eye on Justus Hasely.

3. Sean Blake: The Evolving Point Guard

Sean Blake’s improvement as a point guard was evident, showcasing dynamic scoring abilities and decision-making. With a skill set and combination of size and athleticism, Blake is set to make waves at the next level, representing Vermont. Expect a special performance from Sean Blake as he continues to evolve as a player.

4. Austin Goode: Defensive Dynamo and Clutch Performer

Standing at 6 foot 7, Austin Goode established himself as one of the best defenders in the country during the OSBA Finals. His ability to disrupt plays, make clutch shots from three, and contribute with key rebounds showcased his versatility and high motor. Schools looking for a long, mobile, and competitive defender who can hit big shots should recruit Austin Goode.

5. Fort Erie’s Dominant Forces

  • Marial Akuentok: A dynamic roller, rebounder, and finisher, Marial Akuentok’s size and length created challenges for Royal Crown on both ends of the court. With NBA potential, Akuentok is a rising star poised for a breakthrough in the upcoming summer.
  • Ishan Sharma: OSBA MVP and Virginia commit, Ishan Sharma led his team in scoring, exploiting pin downs and flare screens with precision. His adept pick-and-roll play and efficient shot selection make him a player to watch at the next level.
  • Felix Kossaras: Colorado commit Felix Kossaras utilized his size to dominate the paint, taking advantage of mismatches in the post and punishing defenders in the pick-and-roll.

As these players continue to shine, recruiters and fans alike can anticipate exciting performances and potential future stars emerging from the OSBA Finals.