Class of 2026 U Play guard Malakhi Phillips

by | Jul 13, 2023 | High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

Class of 2026 U play guard Malakhi Phillips is arguably the best or one of the best guards in his class.

We’ve been watching a lot of prospects throughout the year and Phillips has shown that he deserves to be in the conversation for one of the best guards in the country in the class of 2026.

Malakhi plays the game with a maturity beyond his years, he plays the game at his own pace, he can make decisions under pressure, shoot the ball with range and get a bucket whenever he needs to.

He is also a more than capable defender and play maker. Although it is early in his career;if I were a coach at the next level I would get in early and keep an eye on his development. It is just a matter of time before he starts to be recruited.

We sat down with Malakhi to get some insight on his journey, his development & his AAU season.

Coaches get in early, Phillips has a chance to be one of the premier guards out of Canada.