CK Kabongo- Toronto Hoop legend

by | Feb 16, 2021 | High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Professional Basketball

Christian “CK” Kabongo is a staple in the Toronto hoop community, he’s accomplished a lot in his career as a nationally ranked hooper in high school, a college stand out and pro basketball player. However, off of the court, adversity and trouble have followed him for years, its been hard for him to shake his reputation given all that he has been through. In this interview, we go in depth with the Toronto hoop legend about his journey as a hooper, from growing up in Montreal, playing against his twin brother day in and day out, growing up with a father who is a teacher and becoming a father as a freshman in College. CK has been through a lot, he is an extremely talented basketball player looking to give back to his community through his experience. Tune into episode 10 of the free game podcast to hear some gems about how you can maximize your potential as a student-athlete and avoid the same mistakes he made.

Listen to our conversation with CK below (follow link):