by | Feb 6, 2024 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

NORTH:Tell everyone who you are and how you got started with basketball ?

CANAN: My name is Canaan Owusu in the class of 2029. I started playing basketball in grade 3 for the fun of it and fell in-love as I got older and better with the sport.

NORTH:Who has had the biggest influence on your journey up until this point ?

CANAN:My family has had the biggest influence on me. My Parents and Uncle have helped me develop my game.

NORTH:Is there anyone you try and model your game after ?

CANAN:I try to model game after guys like Paul George’s but recently i try to play like Shai.

NORTH:you have a lot of confidence when you play, where does that come from ?

CANAN:My confidence comes from the training I do and my family.

NORTH:If you could tell college coaches 3 things about yourself,What would you want coaches to know about you?

CANAAN:I’m a team player, I Can play in whatever style my coach wants, I’m coachable and I am a 2 way player.

NORTH:What do you think you need to improve this off season to take your game to the next level ?

CANAN: This off season I need to improve on moving without the ball, rebounding, and running the floor harder.

NORTH: What has been the biggest key to your success thus far ?

CANAAN:I train very hard, I have a great coach, I enjoy playing with my teammates and my parents really support me.

NORTH:Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

CANAAN:In 5 years I hope to get much taller, and play D1 or professionally.