Arizona Commit Lemyah Hylton

by | May 2, 2022 | NCAA Basketball

Lemyah Hylton is an extremely talented, high character student-athlete. Known as “Myah” to family and friends, she picked up a basketball at the age of 12 which is pretty late in comparison to most kids. Despite her late start, Lemyah developed her game pretty quickly and was able to make a name for herself. If you don’t know, Lemyah committed to division one power house, the University of Arizona. Lemyah comes from a basketball family, who is the backbone to her success, to South West Academy and  her skills trainer David Tyndale. We sat down with Lemyah to get some insight on who she is on and off the court. This interview  was one for the books, sky’s the limit for Lemyah Hylton.

NORTH: When Did you start hooping?

LH: I started playing basketball in grade 6.

NORTH: When did you get into basketball? 

LH: Originally I did gymnastics and soccer, but it wasn’t a good fit for me, so my dad suggested basketball! I played for Mississauga Monarchs development, I was terrible. Then I had tryouts for Oakville Vytis and that’s where my career started and my love for the game. I took basketball more seriously and got to where I am today.

NORTH: What type of influence did your family on your basketball career?

LH: My family allowed me to try many different sports. Everyone in my family played basketball, my brother played but he got injured, his injury pushed me to go harder. He made me realize the value of the game and the potential I have. My family continued to support me and helped me see the BIGGER PICTURE. Even when I felt like breaking down and giving up, when I was at my worst or I was at a point where I was stuck, Lequan (Older Brother) has helped with my craft. He put his time & energy into the sport and helped me take steps forward. My mom and dad put me in prep school which kick started my high school career and love for the game. I met amazing people and devoted all my time and energy into basketball without any distractions.

NORTH: Who is your Favourite Canadian women’s player?

LH: Kia nurse is my favourite Canadian Hooper. She made a huge name for Canada when she played for UCONN and is an insanely hard worker. She has played for the Canadian National team and currently plays in the WNBA which are both places I’d like to see myself. I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet her in real life several times, and she has always been welcoming and kind.

NORTH: What is your favourite pair of shoes?

LH: KD’s. KD are my favourite shoes, because KD is my favourite hooper. KD’s athleticism and work ethic is what draws me to his game. His shoes also happen to be comfortable for me as well!

NORTH: Favourite artists?

LH: Meek Mill and Lil baby. They both get me hyped pregame. 

NORTH: What are your career goals? 

LH: Sports agency. I would like to play professional basketball either overseas or in the WNBA, whichever makes me happiest and challenges me. When it is time to stop playing, I would love to either coach or work in a sports agency. I find passion in either of those professions because its challenging and places you in a hardworking atmosphere. I would be able to still surround myself with athletes and others who find love in sports as well. Coaching for the NCAA one day has always been a dream of mine, after I build my own personal portfolio.

NORTH: Skys the limit for you, can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.