Alberta native LeMar Shir is putting the country on notice!

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Basketball, High School Basketball, NCAA Basketball

NORTH:How did you get started playing basketball?

LeMar: I first started playing basketball at the age of 5, I loved the quality time it created between my father and I, as we would attend games in the area on a regular basis, which is how my passion for the game first sparked. After spending time watching the game, I officially started playing competitively when I was 10 for a local AAU team. Since then basketball has become a part of my daily routine.

NORTH:What was it like being the only 13 year old To play up on team Alberta ? 

LeMar: Being the only 13 year old in the province to represent team Alberta in 2022 was something that I would never imagine, the whole process was surreal from the tryouts to cutting it to a 12 man roster. It was a great learning experience for me , I adapted to the style of play and also competed with some of the best 07s in Canada. Playing on team Alberta that year helped me get a guaranteed spot on the 2023 squad , the next summer in nationals I was listed as a top 15 player in the country for the class of 2027. 

NORTH: Canadian basketball is on the rise, a lot of the elite guys traditionally come out of Ontario, is it a goal of yours to put Alberta on the map? 

LeMar: Yes no doubt, Ontario and the east side are automatically given a spotlight from the hoopers they developed in the past, whenever I get the opportunity to travel to Ontario for tournaments or showcases I make sure to always leave with a statement on my name especially coming from Alberta , this is important for myself and all the hoopers on the west side so that people are aware we deserve the same amount of recognition and opportunities as the east side.

NORTH: What has your experience been like playing up for edge prep, how has playing up helped you develop your game ?

LeMar: I think my experience playing at edge and competing against the older high school squad has had a significant impact on my game. Competing everyday against guys 3-4 years older than me has helped sharpen my basketball IQ and has taught me when to use my skills and change of pace against bigger and stronger players. It has also helped me realize areas where I need to improve in order to reach that next level. Applying all these details to my game when playing up has matured my playing style and continues to set me apart from my own age group.

NORTH: You’re a big point guard and that is a unique advantage, are there any NBA Canadian players that you try to emulate?

 LeMar: A player that I try to emulate my game after is Jamal Murray, his game stands out to me the most as we share some of the same similarities. His skill level is very high and he is a great scorer. We share similar qualities as IQ, good shooting , finishing around the rim and creating a shot off the dribble. I’ve spent hours studying and going through his film, it would be an honor to meet him one day. 

NORTH: Who has had the biggest impact on your basketball journey thus far ? 

LeMar: My mom and dad definitely had the biggest impact on my basketball journey. Without my parents I wouldn’t be playing the sport. My mom would come home from a long work shift and take me to practice just to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything and go right back to work after. My dad always used to train me since I was little. Coming home from work telling me to get ready and hit the gym with him. My parents sacrifice lots for me and my 2 siblings. One day all their hard work and dedication towards us is gonna pay off.

NORTH: What are your goals going into this summer and what is the most important skill you’d like to add to your game this summer ? 

LeMar: My goal for this summer is to build up my recruiting process and start getting on the radar for schools in the United States while I participate in the Nike Circuit this season. Another goal I have is to get noticed while playing up (17U) in Nationals this coming summer in Ontario. A skill I am most excited to improve is my defense. With my defense already being a key factor about me as a player I know how important it is to be a 2 way player as my skills coach Bob Willett once said “ 50% every game you ever play for the rest of your career will be on the defensive end “

NORTH: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and what are you doing to make that happen ?

LeMar: In five years I see myself finishing my division one basketball career and moving to play basketball professionally elsewhere. I will stay consistent on and off the court throughout the next couple years to make this come true, I will also never stay satisfied and remember when I’m not working there’s someone else working in the world to take my spot, lastly I will always stay honest and discipline with myself never taking shortcuts or the easy way out from a given obstacle.